Birthday Party Specialist

Hours: Weekends
Pay Rate: $15/hour DOE


Under the leadership and guidance of the Program Director or Coordinator the Birthday Party Specialist will be responsible for the planning, supervision and outcome of the party.



  • Essential that the Birthday Party Specialist has communicated with Coordinator/Director prior to party or with responsible person for party to ensure the expectations of the party are met.
  • Must have knowledge of emergency procedures.
  • Must arrive prior to the beginning of the party and ensure all equipment and party materials are set up and there are no safety concerns.
  • Conduct party in a safe, engaging manner.Redirect behavior in a positive, encouraging manner, engaging parent/guardian if need be to ensure safety is always a priority as well as all participants having a positive experience.
  • Display a pleasant, cheerful, enthusiastic and approachable manner, ensure that the party contact is aware that the Birthday Party Specialist is their point person.
  • Ensure that support staff are aware of their responsibilities and are carrying them out in a positive manner.
  • Communicate with the security staff or member services staff for any building issues that may arise.
  • Communicate any issues or accidents to the appropriate Director or Coordinator.
  • Ensure the equipment and supplies are neatly put away at conclusion of the event and the room is returned to operational standards provided by supervisor.
  • Accurately clock in and out of timekeeping system.
  • Attend staff meetings, department meetings and training events per supervisor’s request and association policy.



  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • CPR, First-Aid
  • Two to three years of party hosting experience or equivalent experience.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, decision making skills and the ability to be a strong role model.
  • Enthusiast, positive and engaging.
  • A comprehensive understanding of YMCA policies, building operations as they apply to the areas being used for parties.
PDF and Word document files only.