Under the supervision of the Aquatic Director/Assistant Aquatic Director or Pool Manager, the lifeguards will be responsible for the safety of all members during the hours of pool operation by being on deck, actively patrolling the pool area, constantly remaining alert and scanning, enforcing all pool rules, and other duties as assigned by the Director, Assistant Director or Pool Manager.



1. Ensure all health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

2. Ensure safety of members and patrons and prevent injuries by actively guarding and supervising of pools by active scanning and patrolling.

3. Ensure the pool is safe and staffing is within YMCA standards when taking responsibility for the pool and when exiting off of duty.

4. Ensure your personal protective (rescue breather, gloves, fanny pack) is all in good working order and accessible per safety standards.

5. Have a complete understanding of, and be familiar with all emergency procedures, buzzers, buttons and YMCA standards, operations and protocols.

6. Ensure security of pool when leaving the pool area – no pool is ever left unguarded for any reason, at any time. Pool and pool deck must be vacated by all when guard must leave pool area.

7. React immediately to signs of individuals in distress.

8. Administer first aid to victims using OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Universal Precautions. Provide immediate care to sustain life until EMS arrives.

9. Complete all incident reports and save them at time of incident, including all pertinent information. Reports must be legible and state the facts as witnessed by the guard.

10. Maintain all aquatic standards and rules. Ensure no distractions or interference with the ability to hear or see signs of distress.

11. Adherence to all bathing code regulations, standards and safety measures.

12. Must keep all certifications current and have the ability to provide documentation of certifications at all times when requested.

13. Wear proper YMCA professional appearance policy attire as well as have all proper safety equipment (whistle, tube, fanny pack, etc.) on persons at all time.

14. Participate as part of the Aquatic Team in providing a safe and enjoyable, member friendly environment.

15. Respect coworkers by arriving on time and in accordance with scheduled hours.

16. Communicate all pool rules and policies in a friendly but firm manner. Ultimately the pool is the lifeguard’s responsibility.



· A minimum of 16 years of age.

· Current lifesavings, First-Aid, CRP/AED and Oxygen certification.

· Be mature and responsible; someone who can react without hesitation in a professional manner.

· Ability to enforce all pool rules fairly, effectively in a positive manner.

· Ability to use water testing kit and be part of the team accurately reflecting results.

· Ability to see and hear individuals and alarms in pool/pool area

· Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.



Sufficient strength and skill technique to control and rescue struggling adult swimmers, lifting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, pulling, pushing, concentration, attention and focus to one area for extended periods of time, warm weather outdoor work, average to warm in-door and out-door pool heat and humidity.

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