Swim Instructor
The YMCA of MEWSA is offering a great opportunity to join a passionate and driven Aquatic Department. The Swim Instructor will assure the safety, well-being and enjoyment of all class participants in his/her class.  The Instructor is responsible for teaching the strokes by instructing, demonstrating, and correcting the individual so they may learn to the best of their ability.  Swim instructors should make and keep swimming a fun activity, while bearing in mind that safety can never be compromised and the swim instruction guidelines must be adhered to.


  • To teach in a professional, courteous manner, be attentive to all participants, eliminate unsafe practices and physical hazards.
  • Exhibit respect for the pool rules, obeying them at all times.
  • Positive and friendly attitude.
  • Properly dresses in a swim suit at all times.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to shift start time and be on deck 5 minutes prior to class time.
  • Instructor must make sure classes start on time and end on time, adjusting of class time is not the acceptable or the decision of the instructor.
  • Take accurate attendance at the beginning of each class.
  • Make every effort to know each child's name by third class.
  • Be prepared to teach and know the subject of your instruction.

Part-time Shifts Available:
M-F 4:15 PM - 7:30 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 12 PM

Salary based on experience


PDF and Word document files only.