Relief Teacher

Hourly Rate: starts at $27


The Relief Teacher, under the direction and coaching of the Center Director will be responsible for the class of children to which s/he has been assigned.  S/he will be responsible for the implementation of the curriculum, the health and safety of the children, communication with the parents and supervision of support staff.  S/he will use the philosophy of the YMCA mission, the accreditation guidelines and the four core values of character development (honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility) to develop and implement a program of the highest quality where every child has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.


1.    Carry out the curriculum plans and daily activities for children.

2.    Understand & implement the curriculum and its assessment system.

3.    Supervise and guide teacher assistants.

4.    Learn to identify child abuse and have a clear understanding of reporting requirements and responsibilities.

5.    Demonstrate an advanced understanding of a child’s growth and development when working with children, recording activities, and talking with parents.

6.    Demonstrate, verbally and by role-modeling, a sound knowledge of good teaching practices.

7.    Be responsible for going into the pool to assist swim instructors and maintain staff:child ratio during swim lessons/activities.

8.    Mentor, coach and guide teacher assistants to work towards the YMCA mission and ensure they have a clear understanding of, and follow the four core values, leading by example.

9.    Prepare developmentally appropriate educational material needed to implement the daily activity.

10.    Support the Y’s HEPA standards by role modeling through participation in activities, snacks, & meals as well as avoiding consumption of foods & beverages during program hours that are inconsistent with HEPA standards.

11.    Maintain a safe, clean, pleasant physical environment conducive to optimal growth and development of children.

12.    Observe, record, and evaluate children’s significant behavior.

13.    Supervise indoor-outdoor activities and nap periods.

14.    Attend staff and parent meetings and contribute to the meeting.

15.    Check on supplies and equipment and request needed items from the Director.

16.    Administer first aid as needed and supervise children’s personal hygiene.

17.    Oversee the administration of medication after receiving written permission from the parents.

18.    Be responsible for all daily paperwork needed to maintain state code.

19.    Oversee all bathroom procedures, diapering, potty training, hand washing, etc.

20.    Be responsible for conducting classroom staff meetings to maintain state code.

21.    Show a professional enthusiasm for teaching.

22.    Maintain current CPR & First Aid Certification.

23.    Support the center/association by participating in community events as requested by the Supervisor.

24.    Be responsible for attending mandated workshops presented during “Center Shut Down” and at least two more professional days besides those mandated by the Director.

25.    Be responsible for any other duties requested by the Director.

26.    Accurately record time worked utilizing the assigned time management system or tool.



•    Minimum of 60 undergraduate College Credits

•    paraprofessional certificate 


Billingual in English and Spanish a plus





Normal amounts of walking, standing, sitting, running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, speaking, reading, and writing.  Must be able to hear, see and respond quickly to children’s needs.




PDF and Word document files only.