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*Increased Security in Virtual Fitness Classes
*New Look for Virtual Fitness Group Ex Calendar
*Improved Registration Process
*Addition of On-Demand Videos 24/7

The virtual fitness experience for YMCA members is now even better!  We will no longer be using the hyperactive calendar below that you are used to seeing.  Active members can now sign into the new and improved Virtual Fitness page which contains an updated Group Ex calendar and the addition of On Demand videos!  
There will be no more daily emails, all class registration links and on-demand videos are available to you 24/7 right here!


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YMCA members across the country now have a new benefit that matches their on-the-go lifestyles and puts healthy living at the center of 2021. YMCA360 has just been launched, and it is a 360-degree seamless Y experience on TV and web. 

More than 300 on-demand exercise classes and programs are accessible 24/7 to provide another way to engage with the Y from home or when a location isn’t nearby. Content is being added weekly, including live stream classes.

Whether it’s your house or ours, the Y and its state-of-the-art classes and programs are ready to exceed your expectations.

YMCA360 is being offered free of charge for the trial period from September 1-October 1, 2021.  After the trial period ends, this service will be included with full-facility memberships only.

Join the Y today! 

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Join us on

Mondays | 10:30am
to enjoy our free class, click here:
Forever Fitness

Forever Fitness is an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivate individuals (particularly those with arthritis) to stay active throughout their life. Each class session includes cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises and the fostering of strong social relationships between participants. Low-intensity physical activity has been proven to reduce pain, help with weight control, improve functioning and elevate mood. Class meets virtually using ZOOM on Mondays from 1030am-1130am. In each class, a trained YMCA Forever Fitness Instructor will provide exercises to improve cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility.

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Looking for a way to improve your health, but can’t make it to a fitness location?

SilverSneakers® has you covered, with SilverSneakers On-Demand™ videos. SilverSneakers is your fitness benefit from your health plan at no extra cost. It includes memberships to thousands of Participating locations where you can use equipment and take exercise classes. But you can also exercise at home with On-Demand online video workouts. Videos range from easy, low-impact exercises to cardio workouts. In addition to digital classes, you’ll find articles and videos on topics like nutrition, fitness challenges and more.