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  • June 08

    Metuchen YMCA Preschool Open House

    Join us and learn how Metuchen YMCA Preschool can help your child learn, grow and thrive!
  • June 09

    Middlesex Greenway Walk

    Join us to celebrate "The Beauty of Trees!" Presented by Jennifer Ryan, a local horticulturist, learn about the trees along the Middlesex Greenway.
  • June 15

    Healthy Eating for Healthy Living

    Join us for a free nutrition workshop with Patricia Kolesa MS, RDN! Learn what diet and nutrition mean beyond eating at the dinner table, along with current nutrition research and diet recommendations. Registration is required.
  • June 23

    Metuchen YMCA Blood Drive

    Join us to make a difference! Donate blood and save a life.
  • July 01

    YPCC Blood Drive

    Join us to make a difference! Donate blood and save a life.
  • July 19

    Somerset Patriots Outing

    Come see the Patriots play the Altoona Curve while supporting the YMCA of MEWSA!
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We had just moved to South Amboy this past winter and it was a hectic move, but all I kept thinking wasPicture1 as soon as the last box was unpacked I was joining that beautiful YMCA facility.  The YMCA of South Amboy is the heart of the town.  Not only is it where I work off those extra pounds on a daily basis, but it’s where I meet new neighbors both young and old alike. I hadn’t been in any fitness program prior to my joining the Y and while consulting with my personal trainer, Mark during the orientation he asked when was the last time that I had been to the gym.  My answer was short and to my embarrassment brutally honest, “Senior High 36 years ago.”  Thank goodness for me that the YMCA of South Amboy is friendly, fun, and forgiving.- A South Amboy Y Member

  • Pat's Story

    On Saturday, September 22nd, Pat completed her first ever 5K at the Janice Garbolino Memorial 5K Run/Walk.  Pat is a graduate of the 12 week LiveSTRONG program from the South Amboy Branch YMCA.  She was very interested in being involved in the 5K and proudly wore her “I am a survivor” tag on her shirt on race day.  She told me she was unsure if she would be able to do the entire walk, but would go at a slower pace and if she felt she could not handle it, she would turn around.  After realizing how long of a walk it would be if she turned around and went against all the other walkers, she decided to fight her way through to the end of the race.  When she came around the corner to the finish line, she had the biggest smile on her face.  Once again. she had overcome an obstacle and faced her fears.  As she walked to the finish line she crossed and said “I did it” with her arms out proud.  Hopefully this will be the first 5K of many!

    As told by LiveSTRONG Personal Trainer Whitney

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